1. Action Items

Fairfield Falls General Meeting

Fairfield General meeting will take place on Saturday November 9, 2019, from 10AM to 12PM at Armvets Post#2 32592 Long Neck Rd, Long Neck, DE 19966

For more info, please read this memo.

Annual Fairfield Sprinkler System Inspection

The state required annual sprinkler inspection for Fairfield will take place at Phase1--Thursday November 7, 2019 @ 9AM, and Phase 2--Friday November 8, 2019, @ 9AM. Please make sure to have your key on files with FF management office; for rental units, homeowners please notify your tenants; secure pet to a safe area.

For more info, please read this memo.

Fairfield Trash Collection Important Notice

Beginning June 4, 2018, Republic will provide trash collection service to Fairfield each Monday. Attachment is their recycle schedule.

Landlords: Please be sure to notify your tenants of this change.

2. Pool Season

Coming Summer 2019

The 2019 Pool Season will be opened soon. Please mail your signed 2019 Pool Membership Form and the “Release of Liability Agreement” to Fairfield at Long Neck, Attn: Pool Committee, 26729 Chatham Lane, Long Neck DE 19966, along with a check or money order for the activation fee and additional a $5 processing fee, made payable to “Fairfield at Long Neck." For more info, please read this memo.

Please read the pool's Rules and Regulations and its amended pool rules. Tenants/Renters privileges access to the pool, please see the Renter Rules Agreement.

Fairfield Boat owners, please obtain a boat parking permit. please complete this form and attach a photo copy of the current state registration for the boat and trailer. A $5.00 fee must accompany the application in the form of a check or money order. NO CASH will be accepted by Fairfield Property Manager. Contact Patricia Shaw, Fairfield Property Management at (302) 947-2414 or propertymanager@fairfieldatlongneckcondo.com for further information and instructions on receiving your parking decal.

3. Property Management

Fairfield Property Manager

As of October 1, 2016, Patti Shaw has been contracted as Fairfield Property Manager. Homeowner can contact Patti by email at propertymanager@fairfieldatlongneckcondo.com or by phone at (302)-947-2414 during business hours 9AM - 5PM, Monday to Friday; and after hour at (302)-542-8666. Please note unless it is emergency, call after business hours will subject to a $50.00 fee. For more info, please read this memo.

Maintenance of Common Area

As you are aware, the area that is in the rear of your unit is a common area and cannot be maintained properly if there are articles on the ground. Unless you have installed an approved ground patio pad (concrete or pavers) in the rear of your unit, all articles including outdoor furniture, toys, grills, etc., must be removed each evening. Violators will be fined $100 and if belongings are not removed within 24 hours of being notified, articles will be hauled away at owner’s expense and pool privileges will be revoked. For more information, please read this memo.

Parking Rules

Reminder of the Fairfield’s parking rules and regulations for vehicles and golf carts. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense without further warning. To retrieve vehicles, contact Coastal Towing at (302) 645-6300

Boat Registration

2018 BOAT/TRAILER PARKING: Seasonal parking for boat/trailers in designated lots is a privilege granted to Homeowners by PERMIT ONLY during the season beginning May 1 through September 30. To apply for the PERMIT, please fill out this form.

Request for Repairs

"REQUEST FOR REPAIRS" - updated on April 2019. Please use the revised forms listed below for Request for Repairs: in Microsoft Word or in PDF. Once finish, send the form to:

  • Fairfield POC: Mr. Martin Fusselman AND
  • Fairfield Property Manager

  • If you do not have email access, please contact the Fairfield's Property Manager - Ms. Patti Shaw at (302)-947-2414.

    4. By-laws

    Rules & Regulations

    Please follow this link for Fairfield Rules & Regulations that is adopted and updated by the Fairfield Council on December 3, 2018. Homeowners are responsible to provide tenants with a copy of this document and to secure their signatures on the Renters Agreement Form revised on April 16, 2013

    Delaware Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (Chapter 81): Effective on September 30, 2009, a new Delaware law, Title 25 requires our community have a formal reserve study and maintain funds in order to secure mortgages. The law can be accessed here.

    Architectural Alteration Request

    All requests must be submitted to the FFHOA Architectural Committee (AC) for review and approval/denial. Under no circumstances will work or commitment of work be made by the Owner until a written approval from the FFHOA Council is received by the Owner. Any work that is commenced prior to receiving the Council’s approval will result in penalties and fines. For more information and procedure, please read this attachment.

    Council has completed the Pre-Approved Component listing for our community which will hopefully make things easier for everyone regarding questions of replacement parts to our units. Please find the attachment - Component listing and Council’s memo.

    Pet Ownership

    Some pet owners are still negligent in adhering to the rules governing pet ownership within Fairfield. Violations reported include:

  • pets off leash - posing a danger and risk to people and other pets
  • pets defecating in common area - preventing use of common area by residents
  • failure to pick up waste - posing a health and environmental hazard to all
  • tenants with pets - prohibited

  • Pet owners must adhere to the by-laws stated in the Declaration for Condominium Ownership, Fairfield at Long Neck, Pursuant to the Unit Property Act of the State of Delaware as recorded in Sussex County Delaware, Plot Book 83, Page 197, dated 12/30/2003 For more detail, please read this memo. Pet owners must register their pets with Council/ Property Management Company. The attachment is a copy of the Fairfield Pet Registration Form.

    Insurance Information

    Nationwide Insurance is Fairfield's Master Policy Carrier. There is a $5000.00 deductible. Homeowners are encouraged to buy his/her own personal Condominium Unit Owner Policy that includes Loss Assessment Coverage. For more information and the agent POC, read this link.

    Reserve Study Report

    The report has been posted in the Fairfield secured forum. To access this post, home-owners are required to enter a password. All others, please contact the Fairfield's Property Manager for a copy of the report.

    5. Property As Rental

    Rental Rule Agreement

    Homeowners are responsible to provide tenants with a copy of this document and to secure their signatures on the Renters Agreement Form revised on April 16, 2013.

    Tenants with Pet

    Tenants are prohibited to have pets. Homeowners will be fined if their tenants have pet, up to $500 after the third offense.

    6. HOA Payment

    Fairfield HOA Fee

    Due to increases of annual cost in maintenance and operation, we are forced to increase our monthly HOA fee to $296, starting January 1, 2019. For more detail, please read this memo.

    Monthly Maintenance Fee

    Send a check and coupon payment to:

    ATTN: Fairfield At Long Neck
    P.O. BOX 66
    DAGSBORO, DE 19939

    7. Miscellaneous

    Neighborhood Watch

    Cpl. George Camacho is the contact person for the Neighborhood Watch Programs, Community Crime Prevention Assessments, and Crime Prevention Presentations. You can reach Cpl. Camacho at George.Camacho@state.de.us or call Troop 4 at 302- 856-5850, Ext. 324. For more information, please read this memo.
    Report any suspicious activity to 302- 855-2980. This number will reach the 911 center, but it will not be tying up the emergency line.

    Delaware Government/Police Advisory

    Collection of news/advisories from the State of Delaware Government and Police